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Your Kid's Mindset Affects How They Perceive The World and Respond to It

Nurturing The Winner & Genius In Your Child

All children see the world in a different dimension. Their mindset  
affects how they filter and perceive the experiences that they have.  
Some kids/teens have a mindset that allows them to consistently  
perceive their experiences in a positive and empowering way. 

For example, if they make a mistake in class, they perceive it as a  
valuable lesson that can allow them to improve. If they get a very  
tough assignment, they see it as a way to get them better prepared

for a tough examination.

However, some people tend to have a mindset that constantly cause  
them to perceive and respond to experiences in a very negative and  
dis-empowering manner. When these students make a mistake, they  
perceive themselves as being really 'stupid' or 'dumb' or as a  
'major embarrassment.'

Many people think that events that happen to a person directly  
affect his outcome or result. Th is is why some kids often say,  
"having a boring teacher caused me to do badly in my exams,"  
"my unsupportive parents have made me a failure" or "because I was  
born poor, I never had the opportunities others had to succeed."

In actual fact, it is not the event that affects a person's outcome.  
It is how they CHOOSE to respond to the event that aff ects their  
outcome. For example, if a child is born into a poor family and he 

chooses to respond to it by thinking, "this means that I have less  
opportunities to succeed" or "I am so unlucky," chances are he will  
feel demoralized and decide to lead life in a half-hearted manner. 

The outcome would of course be negative.

However, if the child has an empowering mindset and responds by  
saying, "Being born in a poor family means that I must work harder  
than other people to succeed' and "I have nothing to lose," he will  
have the hunger to do his best and increase his chance to become  

Nurturing The Winner & Genius In Your Child

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