Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

If Your Business Cannot Work Wiithout You

The reason why most entrepreneurs fail is because they build a business that depends solely on their presence and unique skills set. They are the primary producer of the goods or services. They are the one attending to the customer, making the sale, cutting the hair, doing the accounts, cooking the food etc... 

They are the business and the business is them. These entrepreneurs are, in real terms, self-employed individuals and not the owners of a business that works. 

The business needs them to be physically there in order to function. If they aren't there, they lose the sale, the goods cannot be made, the service cannot be performed and the customers will not come.

So what's the problem with this? 

The problem is that if your business only works when you are there, then you have sacrificed the most important reason for being an entrepreneur...FREEDOM. You can never take a holiday. If you wer to ever take leave for a month, your business may no longer be there.

In this scenario (which is all to common for most entrepreneurs), you will be trapped in your self-created 'cage' until the day you die. You will never be able to sell your company or let someone else run it for you while you retire. 

You will end up spending seven days a week, working 13-hour days or more, and working to the very end. Not a rosy picture, is it?

Not week, I'll share with you how you can escape this trap and work  ON your business and not IN your business.

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