Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Do Your Childer Having Empowering Beliefs

The first thing that high achieving kids have in common is a very strong sense of belief in oneself or, put simply, 'Self-Belief '. They believe that they can and deserve to achieve great results in life. 

This self-belief is what drives them to set high standards for themselves. And when faced with setbacks or failures, their faith in their own abilities prevent them from giving up. Their self-belief pushes them to pick themselves up and to strive until they succeed.

On the other hand, underachievers share a lack of self-belief or have dis-empowering beliefs that stop them from giving their best. Many of them believe that they are not good enough or that they don't have what it takes to succeed. Even before attempting a challenge, they tell themselves that it is impossible.

All of our children have very different sets of beliefs. Whenever we ask students in my seminars, "How many of you believe that learning is fun?" and "How many of you think learning is boring?" inevitably, different hands go up when the two questions are asked.

In the same vein, some students believe that Mathematics is easy while others believe Mathematics is difficult. Some students believe that they can achieve straight 'A's if they work hard, others believe that they will fail even if they studied.

What beliefs do your children have about learning, about success, about school, and most importantly about themselves? Do they have empowering beliefs or negative beliefs? Do their beliefs make a big impact on their behaviors and results?

If your kids believe that school is 'stupid and boring', then they will probably close their mind and won't bother to fully participate and learn. When they don't learn and start failing, of course school will become boring to them.

However, when a child believes that school is fun, then he will tend to participate more and learn eagerly. By learning well and getting good results, school will indeed become fun! In other words, their beliefs become self fulfilling prophecies.

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