Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Warren Buffet : Secret Recipe for Wealh

A question most investors ask is? How do I pick individual stocks that will outperform the market to achieve the highest returns?

The answer to this question is through applying a strategy called value investing. Value Investing is a strategy employed by the world's greatest investor and also the second richest man in the world and this man is none other than Warren Buffett.

Buffet's ability to make money in the markets inspired many around the world through a book written about him in 1993. What is amazing about Buffet is that he made all his money without selling a single product or service. His worth of US $42 billion (just US$4 billion behind Bill Gates), was made purely through investing in stocks.

Although studying Buffett's methods gave me my initial inspiration, you will find that the value investing strategies that I am going to reveal to you here go way beyond Buffett's original investment criteria. 

By adding in additional insights and techniques that I learnt from other experts, I have found that I can in fact make higher returns within an even shorter period of time! 

Many books have been written about Buffet where he reveals his secrets and strategies for finding stocks that will consistently beat the market over time. 

It was through modeling Buffett's mindset and strategies that I developed my own strategy for 'Value Investing'. I have found that with Value Investing, you can expect to achieve compounded annual
returns of 15%-25%. At this rate, your money would be doubling every three to four years. 

Master the technique of value investing and you will be on your way to achieving the highest and best returns on your stocks.

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